If you think of your outside recruiter as just another vendor,

we're not the right fit.

You need more from your recruiting firm than just another vendor.

  • You are looking to work with people who "just get it".

  • You want to work with people who recognize great sales talent.

  • You don't have the luxury of time. You need to hire now and scale quickly!

What sets us apart from other recruiting firms?

  • We know what it takes to be successful in sales because we've been there ourselves.

  • We have successfully built and led other sales teams within tech companies.

  • We have been through hyper-growth ourselves and understand your needs.

What does that mean for you?

  • We know what you are looking for.

  • We know what you need.

  • We are prepared to go fast!

We bring -

  • Market insight.

  • A willingness to challenge you.

  • An extensive network of strategic partners.

Let's discuss what Flywheel Results Recruiting

looks like for your organization.

We can also offer you:

• A customized Flywheel Results Interview Scoring Rubric

• Concierge service, helping to manage candidates throughout the entire process

Flywheel Ready™ Recruiting Skills Training for your first time/ new Hiring Managers.

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